Welcome to the official website of the Association of Friends of the Trams of Córdoba - where we will share stories of the city, its trams, pictures, memories, anecdotes and our common desire to revive this picturesque means of transport, which has an iron soul and a wooden body, for this great inland metropolis.

The return of a tram on an operating line will be to experience old ways in modern times. The tram must be preserved in order to show an important part of the city's past to present and future generations. The nostalgia, the sadness, the respect and the wisdom of preserving our history is undeniable. We must revaluate once more the heritage of this marvelous city and rescue the scenes of daily life of those who built it - traveling by electric tram.

We extend our thanks to those friends who encouraged our organization - to Aspirina Vent 3 and Transportes Antonio Francia SA, which offered their help over the years, to our colleagues both in this country and abroad, and to government organizations that have supported our interests.

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Traslations: Allen Morrison

Lucio Eduardo Peñaloza
President, AATC